We carry a Large Inventory of Fuses ranging in amperage from 5 amp to 5000 amp, and voltages from 120 volts to 25000 volts. We also carry a good supply of fuse links, fuse blocks, and fuse clips. Some of the different fuses that we stock are listed below.

250 Volt Fuses
Valvo Electrical Supply carries a large supply of 250 Volt Fuses in One Time, Renewable and Time Delay.
600 Volt Fuses
We Carry a Large Selection of 600 Volt Fuses in One Time, Renewable, Time Delay, HRC 1 and HRC 2.
Fuse Accessories
We have a good selection of Fuse Blocks, Fuse Clips, Fuse Reducers, and Fuse Links.
High Voltage Fuses
We carry a limited supply of High Voltage Fuses from 2400 volts to 25,000 volts.

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